Production Engineer (Welding Line)

$40,000 - $70,000 yearly
  • International Custom Controls
  • Tulsa, OK, USA
  • May 01, 2022
Full time Construction Engineering Manufacturing QA-Quality Control Warehouse

Job Description


Dept:  Manufacturing (Shop Floor)

Location:  Tulsa, OK


Love our Customers

  • Take excellent care of our customers.
  • We show warm hospitality to everyone.
  • Everyone is the best salesman for the next job.

High Energy & Fun

  • You’re a “Batteries Included” person, not a “Batteries-not-included” person. You are self-motivated and self-energized; you don’t need someone to keep you accountable or to keep pushing you.

  • We have fun at work, embrace our co-workers as family, and don't take ourselves too seriously.

Professional & Family Friendly

  • Professional in our words, behaviors, and actions: honest, ethical, courteous, and business like.

  • Family friendly in our words, behaviors, and actions: we don’t do or say things we wouldn’t do/say in front of our nieces/nephews, kids, or grandkids.

Work Smart & Hard

  • Permission to dream, try, and experiment with new and better ways of doing things.

  • We do difficult things with joy, like diving deep into the specifications to meet our customer's needs.

  • Solution finders not problem finders.

  • Artistic quality and on-time delivery.

  • We refresh our energy.

We’re a Team & Family

  • We make our co-workers look good. We make our boss look good.

  • We find the best in our co-workers and deeply believe that they want the best for our company.

  • We don't complain about anyone. We have the courage to talk directly to the person we have issue with, or we let it go.

  • No one says, "that's not my job," there is no task below anyone at any level in the organization - everyone is willing to pitch in and get the job done."


  • Plan, manage, and oversee all elements of production in the welding line.

  • Personally problem solve material and drawing issues to ensure welders can continue welding.

  • Assess and analyze current production methods.

  • Develop and draft an improved production process.

  • Design and implement cost-reductive changes.

  • Maximize productivity of machinery and workers.

  • Follow product drawings and quality control measures.

  • Determine which machines, tools, equipment, etc. will be used and where they will be stationed in the facility.

  • Determine how many workers are needed to man the production line.

  • Increase speed and efficiency of processes without compromising quality.

  • Develop and implement quality control measures that effectively monitor products and guarantee desired results.

  • Ensure all steps of production run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Educate employees on proper methods in which to operate machinery.

  • Hire technicians to maintain equipment for maximum safety and efficiency.

  • Diagnose origin of breakdowns, including human error, and troubleshoot problems.

  • Communicate with project managers and vendors to obtain materials and/or equipment needed.

  • Follow and adhere to all state, federal and company enforced safety rules and regulations.


Basic Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (any discipline) -or- Experience in a manufacturing environment.

  • Hands-on get-your-clothes-dirty experience and mentality.

  • Willing to learn how to weld.*

Preferred Requirements

  • 2-years’ experience in manufacturing environment.

  • Ability to weld.*

*Note: This role does not require welding; however, knowing how to (or learning how to) do basic welding is helpful in building rapport with production line workers, our welders can show you how.

Additional Information

  • ICC is a drug and alcohol-free workplace.

  • This role is Safety Sensitive, the use of marijuana is not authorized.

Pay / Hours / Benefits

  • $40k/yr - $70k/yr
  • Three (3) weeks Paid Time Off (PTO/Vacation).
  • Health insurance partially paid by company.
  • 401k Matching.
  • Annual raises based off individual and company performance.
  • Standard Schedule: Mon-Fri 6:00 am – 2:30 pm.
  • Overtime Schedule: Mon-Sat 6:00 am – 4:30 pm.

To Interview

  • If you feel you’re a great fit for this role email us today to schedule an in-person interview in Tulsa, OK.