Freedom Fighters' Patriot Switch

Freedom Fighters' Patriot Switch. It is time to start voting with our dollars and spending our money with businesses that align with our values!

May 01, 2022
Full time
$12.00 - $16.00 hourly
Freedom Fighters' Patriot Switch Remote (New York, NY, USA)
Customer Service Relying on products made overseas and hoping our government works for the people instead of protecting its own interests is something we as Patriots can no longer do. We must focus on spending our money with companies that manufacture here. When we start voting with our dollars, ensuring that our purchases are supporting companies that promote freedom, we can make a difference! How about giving less of our tax dollars to the government offices that are taking away our freedom of choice? Do you think people would be interested in saving money and supporting a family-owned Patriot store that manufactures and packages everything domestically – instead of China? That carries the essentials your family is using every day at Walmart prices – coffee, toothpaste, granola, things like that...but BETTER - made in N. America .....without supply-chain issues and inflated price increases? We're working for a manufacturer that is family owned and pays...