Indigo River Tiny Homes

Indigo River Tiny Homes. Indigo River Tiny Homes is an environmentally & socially conscious company inspired by the simplicity and freedom that Tiny Living offers.
We build Tiny Homes to LAST.

May 01, 2022
Part time
$12.00 - $16.00 hourly
Indigo River Tiny Homes Remote (Dallas, TX, USA)
Administrative Assistant We need admin help in our office! 20 hours a week or so. Schedule is flexible-ish. Some of the work can be done from home, but at LEAST 1/2 of the work needs to be done AT OUR FACILITY. Our building hours are 7am - 6pm Mon-Thurs plus 2 weekends a month 9-5ish so you can make your schedule within those times. Message us with your resume or work history and WRITE AT LEAST A FEW SENTENCES ON why you want to work for Indigo River. Exact location at our website: