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A lot of companies sell themselves as being “part of a family” or “more than just a number”, but we’re not making that promise. Our promise is much simpler – Be Engaged. Be engaged and be present in everything we do. Focus on doing the little things right every single day. Actively listen with undivided attention. Every situation is unique and requires a unique solution.

May 01, 2022
Full time
$55.00 - $60.00 hourly
Wayward Medical Staffing Baker, MT, USA
Job Details Salary $55 - $60 an hour Job Type Full-time Contract Number of hires for this role 2 Qualifications Compact State Nurse License (Preferred) BLS Certification (Preferred)   Full Job Description Vaccine not necessary!!! Slow pace No current Covid patients Day Shift We are looking for a reliable ER Nurse, or Emergency Nurse , to be in charge of providing healthcare to patients who urgently need treatment so that they can stabilize their vital signs and limit pain and discomfort. Their duties include identifying the needs of a patient, filling out charts and intake paper and collecting information and samples so they can run tests. Respsonsibilities An ER Nurse’s duties and responsibilities are focused on giving timely care to their patients. In a fast-paced environment, ER Nurses have the responsibilities of:...