Iowa Aluminum

Iowa Aluminum, Inc was in 2001 and specializes in the fabrication and customization of aluminum extrusion shapes.

Iowa Aluminum, Inc. specializes in extrusions that most other aluminum companies shy away from, including small orders and light wall shapes. Extrusion capabilities include solids, hollows, semi-hollows, heat sinks to service the industrial, construction, automotive and electronic industries.

Our Fabrication Department offers precision cutting, punching, forming, mitering, duel mitering, staking, drilling, tapping, countersinking, CNC machining, deburring and tumble deburring. Our automatic cut-off saw can hold tolerances of +/-.005″ on cut lengths down to one-half inch.

May 01, 2022
Full time
$40,000 - $70,000 yearly
Iowa Aluminum Albia, IA, USA
Team Role and Responsibilities Responsible for operating the Extrusion Press, Quench System and Puller System. Responsible for the quality of the metal being extruded. Monitor equipment performance and provide for maintenance repairs. Responsible to find the information regarding the total tooling stack for each die. Responsible for operating the Extrusion Cut-off Saw. Responsible for the quality of the metal being cut to size. Responsible for knowledge of loading and unloading the Age Oven. Responsible for tracking order complete/new order on the same die. Responsible for operating the Head Stretcher and other related duties. Responsible for preparation, installation, and removal of die tooling. Responsible for Safe Operation of the Forklift Responsible for Receiving in-coming Raw Materials from Suppliers Responsible for Receiving in-coming Materials and outside fabrication from Suppliers. Responsible for loading Raw Material Logs to be extruded onto...