Die Cleaning Equipment And Supply

Established in 2010, Die Cleaning Equipment And Supply began with a simple concept: make caustic rooms safer, allow full control over the die cleaning process, and deliver to our customers significant savings in chemical use, cleaning time, and waste generation. With a dedicated and skilled team, we strive every day to help our customers meet their die cleaning objectives.

We are located just west of Sky Harbor (Phoenix International Airport) and just east of downtown Phoenix. Our location puts us in close proximity to our suppliers. We can also get to the airport in just five minutes!

May 01, 2022
Full time
$38,000 - $53,000 yearly
Die Cleaning Equipment And Supply Phoenix, AZ, USA
WE ARE A COMPANY WITH LESS THAN 100 EMPLOYEES, THEREFORE NO VACCINE MANDATE. WE DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE VACCINATED OR NOT. IF YOU'VE BEEN LAID OFF BECAUSE YOU REFUSED THE VACCINE, CHECK US OUT! Die Cleaning Equipment and Supply, LLC , is the premier manufacturer of aluminum extrusion die cleaning systems in North America. Our goal is to create a safe and efficient caustic room while reducing chemical consumption, reducing waste, and minimizing die cleaning time. Operator safety is an integral part of the overall design. As an engineer-driven company, we embrace innovation and develop new technologies to ensure machine reliability while minimizing die cleaning time, chemical consumption, and waste byproducts. The first thing we look for is integrity. The second thing we look for is industrious people who are willing to work hard and commit themselves. And then the ability is number three. Responsibilities If you enjoy working on a manufacturing project from inception...