Traffic Safety Supply Company

Traffic Safety Supply Company. Ever wonder where all the traffic and huge freeway signs come from? We're a traffic safety business that has been around since 1956. We're proud that our products help save lives!

May 01, 2022
Full time
$15.00 - $20.00 hourly
Traffic Safety Supply Company Portland, OR, USA
Traffic Safety Supply Company -  Our products help save lives!   Ever wonder where all the traffic and huge freeway signs come from?  We, Traffic Safety Supply Company, have been ‘on the road’ since 1956. We got our first start in sign-making, quickly growing our business, eventually carrying thousands of products. Our breadth of products has been widely used in traffic projects throughout Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, and Hawaii- yes Hawaii, our signs are getting a great tan over in Hawaii.  We are looking for associates who want to take an active part in shaping and improving the environment they work in. We believe that it takes input from our entire team to make this company great. If you would like to participate in an environment that respects and cultivates your thoughts, this is the company for you! Each day we spend up to an hour organizing, standardizing, cleaning, and learning about how we can reduce our struggles. We...