Trinity Valley Dairy & Country Store

Trinity Valley Dairy & Country Store. Farm fresh creamline milk bottled straight from the farm, delicious baked goods like grandma used to make and fresh, locally grown products.

Our Process

We process our milk as little as allowable to keep the important enzymes and “good” bacteria there to work for you. The fancy term for this old-fashioned method is low-temperature vat pasteurization. The milk is held at 145 degrees for 30 minutes and then cooled as quickly as possible. This gives milk (the kind many of us remember as kids) the smooth, sweet taste of yesteryear and preserves the naturally occurring enzymes that help your body to easily digest it. Granted, this process takes more effort but we don't mind. The great taste is worth every minute. Our milk also is unhomogenized, a rare find these days and a return to nostalgia when a thick layer of cream rose to the top of each bottle.

Our Milk Is Non-Homogenized

Maybe you grew up thinking homogenized milk is a good thing. Ours is pasteurized and bottled at Trinity Valley, but it is not homogenized. And for a good reason: so your body can digest the cream and use the fat for energy and nutrients. Yum! Plus, our low-temperature pasteurization process, ensures that our milk is safe and doesn’t destroy enzymes needed for digestion. Numerous medical studies, including those from the Department of Agriculture, the American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, suggests that whole milk also burns fat, builds muscles, makes bones healthier, lowers blood pressure and helps prevent certain cancers. In other words, it’s just plain good for you. Grab some cookies; you’ll want to dunk ’em. 
May 01, 2022
Full time Part time
$15.00 - $18.00 hourly
Trinity Valley Dairy & Country Store Cortland, NY, USA
Job Description Duties Include but are not Limited to… Job hours are 4am-2pm Monday-Friday with occasional Weekend work if necessary The processing and producing of Cheese Packing of cheese Plant maintenance Washing of parts, vats and general sanitation Loading of trucks Duties may change as the business develops and changes. Must be able to lift over 50 Lbs. and physically fit to bend over cheese vat and cheddar cheese