For over 35 years, Condominium Services, Inc. (CSI) has proudly managed communities throughout the Washington metropolitan area. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is a tradition passed down from our company's late founder, Bryan Gordon Jr. From the executive team to our front line staff, we believe in Bryan's philosophy that business relationships are based on honesty, accountability, and hard work. Rooted in these values, CSI continues to expand and thrive.

As a fully integrated management company, our team maintains a suite of services aimed at meeting our clients' needs. Our managers have obtained their professional accreditations with the Community Association Institute (CAI) which CSI is a proud member. CSI's in-house maintenance team is able to quickly and cost effectively address repair projects. We are committed to producing clear and concise financial statements that ensure our clients are fully informed on their association's fiscal position.

CSI is ready to serve as your partner in navigating the challenges of association management.

May 01, 2022
Full time
$25.00 - $30.00 hourly
Condominium Services Inc Alexandria, VA, USA
In house and on road Maintenance Technician needed. Must be skilled in wide range of maintenance tasks on multifamily residential commercial properties. MAINTENANCE. Pretty much sums it up. Some plumbing and electrical fixtures, fencing, lighting, masonry, landscape, drywall, painting, cabinets, flooring, and all around fixing things the correct way.  Too much to ask to figure things out sometimes or do something not listed above, probably not a good fit here. No laborers or supervisors needed. Those jobs are full. 40 hour weeks, sometimes more.  Background and criminal check before job offer. Must have skills not excuses. $ 25 / hour start