BLE Training

BLE Training provides the administration of Exams through a partnership with Prometric. BLE Training has other locations in addition to Toledo, Ohio. 

From entry level call center staff in an international bank, to the Board of Directors of an association, we deliver training with true passion. Our founder still trains and assess despite the demands of managing the business. This commitment to education and training is characteristic of all our hand-selected trainers. Our good fortune, hard work and a bit of luck have allowed us to train a diverse selection of companies and industry leading firms in manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, supply chain management, communications, tourism, and finance.

Today, we run BLE Training as a down to earth American training company that inherits the spirit of sound training based on the knowledge and skills of our team. Today we train in almost every segment of the economy in class sizes ranging from specialist 5-trainee workshops to class sizes exceeding 20 participants in some of our sales training programs.

May 01, 2022
Part time Seasonal
$14.00 - $15.00 hourly
BLE Training Toledo, OH, USA
Test Center Administrator / Proctor Great part time job! This position has security at its core, with a healthy dose of "Customer Service" (customer relations) on top. Attention to detail and following procedures is essential. This is an office work, white collar position. Dress code is business casual. We offer Very Flexible Scheduling. Pick a shift:  we have Daytime shifts M-F and some Saturday Shifts as well. The advantages are a calm, centered, work mode with no manual labor, just light sanitizing. We offer relative freedom of mobility: sitting, standing, walking, and rest room breaks.  And there's No Sales. No having to put up with providing "Customer Service" to demanding customers. We work with Candidates, not Customers. We are here to ensure the rules for exam integrity, not serve customers or guest. We love past and present military, law enforcement, Health care Heroes, teachers, the 50+ and the retired and semi retired.   Get out of the house and protect...