Holy Trinity Catholic Church

On August 28, 1959, Archbishop Urban J. Vehr of the Denver Archdiocese established the parish of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Colorado Springs, CO.

May 01, 2022
Part time
$14.00 - $20.00 hourly
Holy Trinity Catholic Church Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Job Title: Music Director, Part-Time   Reports To: Pastor   Exemption Status: Non-Exempt   Supervisory: Employees: no Unpaid Staff: no Volunteers: yes Contract Workers: no Boards: no   Job Titles Supervised: None   General Purpose: Responsible for ensuring quality liturgical music for the Parish, to enhance liturgical celebrations.   Essential Duties and Responsibilities:   Ensure quality music at all Masses. Must be able to play piano. Sing/play for rehearsals and Masses. (Coordinate replacement musicians for specific absences.) Recruit, train and schedule cantors for all Masses. Schedule, plan agenda, and facilitate liturgy meetings. Coordinate music selection for liturgies and all parish ministries. Approve guest musicians and music selection for funeral liturgies. Assist with liturgical music choices for weddings. Responsible for music ministry budget. Submit requisition and...