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An Integrative and Functional Approach to Medicine!
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To provide the most healing, individualized, holistic medical advice with Christian love, cost-effectiveness, and the highest integrity.

Our medical philosophy stems from our belief in God as our creator and benefactor. We believe that our loving, intelligent Creator, provided for EVERYTHING necessary for our health and happiness even before He created us.

An intelligent, loving God would not have kept us waiting until the 21st century for answers to our health problems; neither would God have to depend on man’s technology to heal His people, therefore, there must be a natural cure for every illness.

We aim to learn more and more about natural remedies and, to use those whenever possible.

We limit the use of prescription drugs, surgical procedures, x-rays, etc. to those cases where a natural cure is not known to us or our consultants. We, however, do not hesitate to use the latest technology or prescriptions if this is the patient’s choice and/or the most effective way to treat. For example, if a person has bacterial meningitis, we would definitely recommend antibiotics instead of a natural remedy. We would, however, also replace the friendly bacteria and address the immune system in addition to prescribing the antibiotic.

May 01, 2022
Full time
$16.00 - $20.00 hourly
Whole Health Center Houston Houston, TX, USA
Job Details Salary $16 - $20 an hour Job Type Full-time Number of hires for this role 1   Full Job Description We are looking for either a Medical Assistant or a Phlebotomist . SHIFT HOURS will be 8am - 4pm, Monday - Friday. We are a small, thriving practice founded and operated on the principles of Christianity. Our staff is like a small family, and we love being together. We strive to love each other as Christ loves us. We serve people from all walks of life, with an emphasis on creating a safe place for believers to experience Integrative Medicine without compromising Biblical values. Our mission is to join in our patients’ stories of infirmity, as stewards of Integrative Medicine, sharing hope for the optimal wellness that is part of God’s Story of redemption. We value Empathy, Vision, Commitment, Scholarship, Problem Solving, and Initiative We...