AKE Safety Equipment

AKE Safety Equipment. AKE Safety Equipment is the manufacturer and distributor of STOP-FYRE® - The World's BEST Fire Extinguisher®. 

STOP-FYRE® is the only multi-shot, clean agent fire extinguisher on the market. Firefighters love it because it quickly gets to those hard-to-reach fires that traditional methods don’t. Farmers love it because it’s so effective and does not cause damage to machinery. Our customers love it because it works – PERIOD. STOP-FYRE® saves lives and property saving you money, hassle, and tragedy. And with a lifetime guarantee, STOP-FYRE® gives you peace-of-mind. Our customers call it the World’s Best Fire Extinguisher™ for a reason.

May 01, 2022
Full time
$75,000 - $125,000 yearly
AKE Safety Equipment Rome, GA, USA
AGRICULTURAL SALES REPRESENTATIVE 1099 STRAIGHT COMMISSION Salary From $100,000 a year Job Type Full-time Full Job Description 1099 Straight Commission – Agricultural Sales Representative Are you a TOP 1% Sales Performer & can you PROVE it? - NO VACCINE REQUIRED - Tired of rules and want to make your own? You will have the freedom and flexibility to set your own schedule while building your protected sales territory. Our Sales Representatives earn a significant income, with our top earners making well over $100k/year selling STOP-FYRE® The World’s Best Fire Extinguisher® direct to farmers. In this role, you will have the opportunity to sell a premium, clean agent fire extinguisher while traveling the Georgia countryside, working with farmers across many different markets; cotton, peanuts, row crops, you name it. ‘‘Our customers know they can trust us with their lives and livelihoods and we’re proud to...