My Health Onsite

My Health Onsite. At My Health Onsite, we provide patient-focused care through an advanced worksite-healthcare model. For nearly 2 decades, we've built and managed over 55 health and wellness centers. Through top rated-medical partnerships, interactive e-health portals, onsite, near-site and virtual care, we have honed the transformative power of primary care and wellness services. By focusing on early interventions, risk identification, and patient compliance, our first-class medical teams are able to treat and manage employee health with exceptional success. My Health Onsite is transforming the healthcare landscape by empowering our members with healthy lifestyle changes – prevention is our number one goal. Our model and expertise not only drastically lower healthcare costs for employers, we are proactively improving the health outcomes for their employees.

Jun 12, 2022
Full time
$150,000 - $300,000 yearly
My Health Onsite Crystal River, FL, USA
Family Practice Physician (MD/DO) Physician needed for outpatient health and wellness center in Crystal River, FL.  Assist in the delivery of advanced personalized work-site healthcare solutions to employers that enhance patient engagement and proactively improve health outcomes.  Be a part of a fully staffed medical team that takes time to build strong patient relationships.  Patients are not rushed in and out, and no one is treated like a "number." Patients are ages 8 and up and have access to a range of medical services including an onsite pharmacy, wellness services, treatment for acute illnesses and chronic conditions.  Health programs extend beyond caring for the sick and injured and make prevention a number one priority. Summary: New physician will work with other providers and be responsible for meeting, assessing and diagnosing patients in the health center, as well as prescribe patients with appropriate medication, health regimens and...