West Coast CoPacker

West Coast CoPacker. West Coast Co-Packer is a liquid filling contract manufacturer specializing in food & beverage products. West Coast Co packer's can handle all aspects of creating a product and bringing it to market.

Jun 12, 2022
Full time
$24,000 - $45,000 yearly
West Coast CoPacker Salem, OR, USA
Accounting We are a liquid based food and beverage manufacturer, and need a part time or full time accountant / Bookkeeper / controller, any of the above will help. We utilize Sage and Peachtree software, and experience is helpful but not mandatory. The team is very cool, and a very easy going environment making lots of cocktail mixes, to CBD lemonades, to BBQ sauces, etc. we are not building rocket ships, and our business model is very simple from a transactional perspective. Please let us know if you are interested via email and we will respond quickly.