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JPW Design Studio. I started JPW Design Studio in 2010 because I believe so passionately that people should be able to discover, learn, and pursue the work they love doing. And in 2022, it is more important than ever that people love their job, and that they can work with companies they can trust. I created the 15 Luxe Standards with my team over the last 3 years, and these are the 15 ways we ensure we serve our clients at the highest level possible.

Jun 12, 2022
Part time Contractor
$14.00 hourly
JPW Design Studio Remote (Dallas, TX, USA)
Customer Service & Website Design Assistant We are seeking someone who loves, values, and wants to create a great customer experience for clients & customers, and also loves beautiful, simple elegant design.   To see the kind of work we do, go to   We design websites for interior designers - but more important than beautiful design, is creating excellent customer experiences.   What we want for our clients: Our clients to love the experience they get from working with our company Always going above and beyond to make it happen Create the best possible experience & designs for our clients   We need someone who: Loves customer service & helping clients Loves seeing things get done quickly Enjoys holding a team accountable to a high standard Can follow our team internal processes...