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JOBS NOT JABS vs. Disney/Hulu

JOBS NOT JABS vs. Disney/Hulu

The uphill battle continues! Sadly, we can add #Disney and #Hulu to the list of growing entities that has made it VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE for us to promote Jobs Not Jabs effectively and in the same way that other Small Businesses get to.

That's because even though we were "Beta Approved" to participate in their exciting, new "Self-Service Ad Platform" on March 27th, it's now been EXACTLY 2 MONTHS LATER, and we're still getting the runaround from Customer Service while ultimately being prevented from creating even the smallest Advertising/Marketing Campaign.

Look, I like my streaming subscription, #StarWars and #Marvel as much as the next nerd, but this has been absurd. How can it not leave a Small Business Owner like me wondering if the "issues" are largely politically motivated like everything else in this fallen world?

Not that I'm surprised by any of this though. I knew before launching this business that the deck was already going to be stacked against me, and yet, thanks be to God we're still here!

Yes, we will continue to try to help as many medical freedom loving Businesses and Americans as we can! God willing, we'll continue to be here for as long as unconstitutional Employer #VaccineMandates exist in this country.

I share all of that today because I need to ask for your help. Please visit and consider creating a FREE Profile (even if you're not currently looking for a new job) to help us fight the good fight. Better yet, perhaps you're willing to make a small financial donation because you believe in what we're trying to do.

At the very least, please pray that God's will prevails here, not our own or anyone else's, while also spreading the word to your family and friends about our Jobs Not Jabs Job Board and Social Media Community. Thank you!